Automatically Assign Checklist Templates to Transactions

Pipeline can be set to automatically assign checklists to transactions whenever the status, side or label of a transaction changes to a desired value. Checklist auto-assignment saves time for your admins and makes your transaction management workflow more reliable.

Create and Edit Checklists and Settings

1. Click [ADMIN/SETTINGS] to access the Admin  page.

2. Click [CHECKLISTS] from the left menu.

3. Click [ADD A CHECKLIST TEMPLATE] to add a new template or click the name of an existing checklist to edit it.

4. Apply a checklist template by clicking the [AUTOMATICALLY APPLY TO TRANSACTIONS IN ALL LOCATIONS] the checkbox indicated.

Note: If left unchecked, the automatic assignment of the checklist will only occur when the transaction is in the same location as the checklist. If you don't see this option, it's because only master admins can access it.